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Entertainment in Jail

Inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail have a few options for passing the time.

Working Out
The jail doesn't offer any type of workout facilities but that doesn't keep inmates from getting in shape. Most inmates will do pushups and situps in their dorm area to stay in shape.

Each dorm (which consists of 60-100 people) has a television set. Many even have large-screen TV's. The rumor (which we can't corroborate) is that Robert Downey Jr. bought large-screen TV's for the whole building while he was locked up.

With so many people sharing one TV it can be hard for inmates to decide what they're going to watch. Don't hold your breath hoping to watch your shows unless you've been in there a long time and want to watch shows that several other inmates will like as well.

As is always the case in jails reading is one of the most popular past times in the Los Angeles County Jails. You can have people send you books as long as they come directly from the store and they are brand new. Many inmates report that they had family members send them books from The nice thing about reading is that you can choose what you want to read and just keep to yourself - a good way to pass your time.

Going outside
You have the opportunity to go outside once per week for about an hour. They don't let you out more because they have to watch carefully when inmates are outside since they have the opportunity to see other inmates. The gang problem is really bad in Los Angeles and they have to be careful when their is the possibility of gangs inter-mixing.

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