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Other Inmates
When you are first booked into the Los Angeles County Jail you will most likely be asked about your race and ethnicity. This will partially determine where you are ultimately housed. They will also consider your sexual orientation (homosexual inmates are separated from heterosexuals) and any gang affiliations you have. The guards' goals are to avoid conflict at all cost - this will probably be beneficial for you.

Racial Issues
LA County Jail is made up mostly of minorities - OK, if it were made up of "minorities," they wouldn't really be minorities, right? If you are white in the Los Angeles County Jail, however, you will be in the minority. This can be a tougher jail for white people, but since you will typically be housed with other white people you will probably be OK. Typically there will be some other races in your cellblock, but you definitely won't be left all alone.

Regardless of your race your people will accept you when you come in - every race knows there is strength in numbers and they want more power. You will be accepted and helped out - you don't have to prove anything when you come in, just be yourself.

Getting Along
If you have been to jail before you shouldn't have any problem getting along with other inmates in the LA County Jail. If it is your first time, however, remember that nobody will respect you if you aren't yourself. Don't go into the jail trying to prove yourself by picking fights, but if something does happen you need to be ready to stand up for yourself. In general you can just keep to yourself in LA County if you prefer and you will be out before you know it with up to 90% of your time deducted for good behavior.

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