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Inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail are served three meals per day, though it is not much food. Breakfast will usually be some eggs and potatoes. You will probably get a sandwich (bologna is common) for lunch and some type of slop made up of ground meat, potatoes and sauce all mixed up.

Trustees, however, eat much better. They usually eat with the guards or what the guards leave for them. These are usually normal meals like burgers, enchiladas, tacos, lasagna, etc.

If you aren't a trustee (even if you are) you should consider ordering commissary. Ramen and Cup o' Noodles are popular because they have some substance. You can even have friends on the outside send you care packages through

If you know you are going to jail you should take some money - it will be available to you as soon as you are ready to order commissary in your housing unit. You can also have friends or family add money to your "books" by going to the jail. On commissary you can also order phone cards for calling the outside and vending machine cards.

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